Homegrown Trailer

The Homegrown Trailer can be pulled by most SUVs. Photo: Courtesy of Homegrown Trailer

Not only does the Homegrown Trailer look pretty cool, it’s also able to sleep four people and store energy for up to two days.

The tear-drop trailer is both functional and sustainable.

The surfaces are made of sustainably harvested cork and bamboo material and the exterior houses a solar panel which provides energy for the interior.

The toilet composts waste, making sure campers have a light footprint wherever they travel and don’t use chemicals normally present in traditional black water storage tanks.

The Homegrown Trailer weighs about 2,000 pounds, which means the average SUV can tow it.

Homegrown Trailer interior

There is a surprising amount of space inside the Homegrown Trailer. Photo: Courtesy of Homegrown Trailer

It’s big enough for a bunk bed, a queen-sized bed, a small couch and even a tiny desk.

All of the interior appliances are energy efficient and the LED lights mean the energy pulled from solar goes farther.

The family-owned company out of Washington announced today that the trailers will be available for rent for $179 a night.

The trailers start at $25,000.

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