GoPro has slowly been divulging small tidbits of information about the upcoming release of its Karma drone over the past few months, but by and large, the company has kept details about the new device under wraps.

But in a video uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, GoPro gave freeskier Bobby Brown a Karma and let him test it out at Aspen Snowmass resort in Colorado.

The results are stunning.

Starting with gorgeous 4k aerial shots of the surrounding mountain landscape, the video quality is jaw-dropping. Eventually, the camera settles on Brown’s smiling face as he appears to be holding the camera out to record a selfie.

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Suddenly, he releases the camera and it flies off as he and a group of friends launch off a jump at the resort, smoothly landing a string of flips and corks with ease.

That sequence of events has left fans of GoPro wondering what the functionality of the Karma will be like.

Bobby Brown uses new GoPro drone Karma

In the newly released video, skier Bobby Brown and his friends are seen releasing the Karma drone just before launching off a jump.

The website PetaPixel wondered if it would work off artificial intelligence to fly alongside you and shoot without assistance. This type of "throw and shoot" feature, PetaPixel notes, has been wildly successful in drones like the competitor Lily camera, which has already brought in $34 million in preorders alone.

But perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Karma is just how badly GoPro needs it to be a success. GoPro's stock has been tanking lately, and the company recently announced a seven percent cut to its workforce after a major drop in camera sales.

Scoring a big win with the Karma would help GoPro solidify itself as the leader in an industry that’s becoming increasingly saturated with competition.

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