Gear News: Skully Introduces a Smart Motorcycle Helmet

The Skully Fenix AR looks to make your ride safer and smarter.

The motorcycle helmet is a crucial piece of gear for riders. But what if it could provide more than just protection for your head? This is the question Skully Technologies has sought to answer.

Their new helmet, the Skully Fenix AR ($1,899), is a game-changing smart helmet that offers up 360-degree awareness with a back-up camera, voice control, a heads-up display, navigation help and more. Besides helping make for a more convenient ride, it aims to make for a safer ride, too.

The Skully Fenix AR. Photo: Skully

Co-founder and CEO of SKULLY Technologies Ivan Contreras said in a press release, “We are deeply passionate about transforming riders’ mobility experience, and by pioneering the Skully Fenix AR, this is a critical first step in our imperative mission to enrich how people engage with the personal mobility interconnect that sets a new standard for safety.”

The company is showing it off for the first time to the public this week at The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Pre-orders from a previous Indiegogo campaign are set to begin shipping this summer, after which the public will be able to purchase the Fenix AR.

With the onslaught of “smart” everything these days, it makes sense to invest in a smart product that could make your ride safer.

The Skully Fenix AR in action. Photo: Skully

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