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The XT25 does not compromise anything when it comes to performance. Photo: MasterCraft

A day on the water can mean very different things to different people. For some, it might be cruising at a mellow 5 mph, lounging under a large awning on a cushy bench seat, sipping on a cool piña colada. For others it might be zipping around the lake, gripping tightly onto your hat, and towing your buddies behind as they shred a perfectly groomed wake.

But for many, it’d probably be a pleasant combination of the two. And one might think that finding the perfect boat to accommodate both sides of the coin might be a difficult task.

Enter the brand new XT25 by MasterCraft. With the ethos of “Let’s have a party,” the XT25 caters to more than just the thrill seeker. “The XT25 is a multi-sport, category-crushing crossover in the larger-than-life-size you’ve been waiting for,” states MasterCraft.

Hold onto your hats. Photo: MasterCraft

As the largest entry into MasterCraft’s XT line (25 feet, 3 inches) with seating for 18 people, the XT25 has more than enough room to accommodate the whole party, without compromising MasterCraft’s legacy in performance.

With seating for 18, the XT25 has room for the whole party. Photo: MasterCraft

Performance-wise, it’s geared specifically toward wakeboarders and water skiers. Boasting a unique cross-over hull design, the XT25 is poised to give any crew one heck of a ride.

The XT25 offers up a thick, rampy wake with a crisp lip, and is also capable of producing a powerful wave shape for wakesurfing. The optional Gen 2 Surf System lets you create the wave you want with a “ballast system to easily give you the displacement you need, two wake-shaping devices that work with the hull shape to create the surf wave itself, and the software that brings everything together seamlessly.”

Nothing like a steezy wakesurfing stance. Photo: MasterCraft

No matter what side of the spectrum you’re on when it comes to water sports on the lake or river, the new XT25 is sure to accommodate your needs. And even if you fancy yourself a mellow cruiser, who knows, the capabilities of the XT25 might just blow your hair back and turn you on to a whole new way of spending your time on the water.

Day or night, the XT25 is the place to be. Photo: MasterCraft

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