There’s something about sitting around the fire pit that is inherently appealing. It tends to bring people together and elicit comfort and conversation.

But not everyone has access to a fire pit or the indoor equivalent of a fire place. And while nothing can beat the crackle and glow of a real fire, Dutch design studio Springtime recently created an indoor fire pit concept that’s certainly worth a look.

Gather ’round the Stov. Photo: Courtesy of Springtime

Meet Stov, Springtime’s answer to finding a sustainable alternative to the dangers and problems with actual fires.

As Springtime says, “The big problem is that fireplaces, stoves and fire pits, behind their warm and cozy appearance are proven unhealthy, environmentally unfriendly and potentially dangerous.”

Stov is a 360-degrees, 500-watt far-infrared fire pit that looks like a piece of Scandinavian, minimalist piece of furniture. Far-infrared is a technology that directly heats objects, instead of heating the air like most central heating systems do.

What the innards of the Stov would look like. Photo: Courtesy of Springtime

Operating sort of like a radiator, Stov would use about half the electricity of a traditional electrical space heater. And the heating element itself would be made out of recycled PET, which is a material that’s used to make water bottles.

Springtime also touts not having the campfire smell, which is good or bad depending on your feelings about that — personally, we’re big fans of smelling life a campfire.

Again, it’s only a concept at this point. It remains to be seen if it will go into production, but it could be a nice, simple alternative on a cold night, when all you want to do is gather around something warm.

The Stov, just a concept. Photo: Courtesy of Springtime

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