Gear News: Alms NYC Launches Waterproof, Adjustable Moto Tail Bag

City riders, behold the answer to your daily commute problems.

Everyday commuting on a motorcycle in cities (especially New York City) presents many challenges. But none of them can be more frustrating than the lack of options for viable bags. Do you wear a backpack, most of which aren’t ideal for riding? Bulky tail bags are usually made for longer excursions. And what happens when it’s raining?

Alms NYC has aimed to answer all those concerns with just one bag: their new waterproof, adjustable-capacity 12-liter Cargo Tail Bag.

After years of R&D riding in New York City and establishing smart, sleek accessories for motorcyclists, Alms NYC is diving into the luggage game with their Kickstarter campaign for “the only expandable capacity, waterproof tail bag designed specifically for city riders.”

The Alms NYC 12-liter Cargo Tail Bag from the front and the side. Photo: Courtesy of Kickstarter

The 12-liter Cargo Tail Bag is made from 12-ounce water-resistant, highly durable waxed canvas and offers an extra 25 perfect capacity with its adjustability feature. That way you can slim it down for your daily commute or use it as a bag for a quick overnight excursion. It also rolls down to a quarter of its size, giving the option for easy storage.

With other features like a removable and adjustable cargo net, hidden base pocket and convenient carry handle loops, it’s clear Alms NYC is onto something with this versatile daily bag. The tail bag also works with a variety of motorcycles, without requiring a specialized rack system.

The Alms NYC Cargo Tail Bag in action. Photo: Courtesy of Kickstarter

The Cargo Tail Bag is also convenient to carry around, too. Photo: Courtesy of Kickstarter

While they’ve already already reached their initial campaign goal of $8,000 just two days in, the great thing about supporting the Kickstarter effort is the chance to pick up one of the 12-liter Cargo Tail Bags for a heavily discounted price. The bag will eventually retail at $130, and the initial rewards offering the bag at $65 and $75 are already sold out. Reward stages of $85, $95, $105 and $115 are still available.

Considering Alms NYC is a husband/wife duo of two New Yorkers who both have plenty of riding and design experience, we’re expecting big things from their new luggage line and can’t wait to see these Cargo Tail Bags in use.

A close-up detail of the Cargo Tail Bag. Photo: Courtesy of Kickstarter

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