There are all sorts of travel products out there to make traveling easier. But how about ones that help you remember and document where you’ve been?

Sure, digital cameras have certainly helped with that. But what about for those looking for a more tactile way to remember travels, taking pieces with them wherever they go? Let us introduce the Atlas Kit ($25), a triangular pouch that can securely attach to any bag and offers a way to document and carry your travel stories with you.

The Atlas Kit in its element. Photo: Tribute Products

Recently released by Tribute Products, it is the first travel product that world traveler Matthew Scheffler has created. Scheffler has traveled the world as an English teacher, and for years he was giving makeshift Atlas Kits to friends as gifts. Since recently moving back to the United States, he decided to put what little he had in savings into a full-fledged product line and a company to help inspire other travelers.

The Atlas Kit has three pockets: one for random items, one for the world map that travelers can color in the places they’ve visited and the last housing a glass vile meant to collect sand, dirt or pebbles from one’s travels. It is simplistic, yet it’s a great gift for travelers who want to remember their trips beyond photos.

“The goal is to ultimately color in every country on their travel map and collect a small piece of Earth from all those places in the bottle so that they are in affect holding the whole world just like Atlas, the Greek god himself,” Scheffler told GrindTV.

If you’re looking to document your travels in a throwback way with something you can easily bring everywhere, or are seeking the perfect gift for that wanderlust person in your life, give the Atlas Kit a look.

The Atlas Flag. Photo: Tribute Products

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