What’s in Our Huckberry Shop This Month

For the June edition of our shop, we focused on the ideal summer activity: Camping.

We’ve partnered with Huckberry, the experts in quality gear, to create a one-stop shop for the newest and most interesting gear out there for your next adventure.

Use code asn20 for 20% off your first Huckberry purchase.

Here are our favorites for June 2018. Check out our full shop here.

Exotac Titanlight Refillable Waterproof Lighter ($50)

Photo: Courtesy of Huckberry

The Titanlight Refillable Waterproof Lighter is best defense against unexpected wet weather.

Hardcore Hammers Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet + Sheath ($115)

Photo: Courtesy of Huckberry

The Survivalist Hatchet is ideal for the camper who makes safety and preparedness their first priorities.

Kuju Coffee Basecamp Blend - 10 Pack ($22)

Photo: Courtesy of Huckberry

Kuju makes a few blends of convenient, tasty coffee, but we just can’t stop drinking our favorite flavor, the Basecamp Blend. With notes of oak, chocolate and honey, this to-go coffee is perfect not only for the campsite, but the office, home, and anywhere else life takes you as well.

Nemo Equipment Losi LS 3P Backpacking Tent ($490)

Photo: Courtesy of Huckberry

The key to backpacking is keeping things as lightweight as possible. To do that, you’ve got to invest in the proper tent. Nemo Equipment’s Losi LS 3-person tent is the answer to your search for a tent that packs light and holds its own.

Leatherman Wave Plus Multi-Tool ($100)

Photo: Courtesy of Huckberry

The Wave Plus Multi-Tool features a jaw-dropping 17 tools in one sleek package.

Black Diamond Iota Rechargeable Headlamp ($40)

Photo: Courtesy of Huckberry

150 lumens are packed into the Iota Headlamp, which, alongside being rechargeable and convenient, packs a real punch when it comes to keeping you illuminated in even the darkest conditions.

Stanley Classic Vacuum Growler ($45)

Photo: Courtesy of Huckberry

Stanley is one of the most trusted names in drinkware, and their Classic Vacuum Growler is a tried-and-true option that will keep beverages at whatever temperature you desire.

Relwen Sailcloth Tanker ($298)

Photo: Courtesy of Huckberry

You need a dependable jacket that is going to carry you through at least three seasons a year: why not go for one that holds its own and looks good in the process? The Sailcloth Tanker features thoughtful construction that elevates it beyond your typical outerwear.

Mollusk Vacation Trunks ($60)

Photo: Courtesy of Huckberry

Mollusk is known in the surf community for their stylish aesthetic, but they’re becoming better known in the outdoor and camping circles for their performance, as well. The Vacation Trunks double as swimwear and camp-wear, meaning you can keep them on wet or dry and still be comfortable.

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