Gun pocket, yo.

“Wait, this isn’t my mini-pump”: A new women’s bike jersey has a spot for your firearm. Screenshot: Courtesy of Concealed Carrie

Do you know a female road cyclist who carries both a USA Cycling racing license and an NRA membership card? Or are you equal parts Carrie Bradshaw and Annie Oakley? For the pedaling fashionista who hearts firearms: a new women’s cycling jersey with a zipped pocket for a gun.

It's built by a company that just may have the best name in all of women's wear: Concealed Carrie. (Take that, SheBeest and SkirtSports.) They describe their objective in three words: “Firearms. Fashion. Fabulous.”

It goes without saying we had high hopes for the name of the garment.

Maybe “Janie’s TOTALLY Got a Gun.” Or “Second-Amendment Secret.” Even “Cat Call Crusher” or “Sassy Slinger!” would’ve worked. But they couldn't even muster a "Glock Gal." We've received some unconfirmed reports that the marketing department was at the range that day and the intern came up with the shooting-blanks moniker "Athletic Shirt."


Just want to keep it mellow and only carry non-lethal force? No problem. The lined pocket is also designed with pepper spray in mind. Photo: Concealed Carrie.

Just want to keep it mellow and carry only non-lethal force? No problem. The lined pocket is designed with pepper spray in mind too. Photo: Courtesy of Concealed Carrie

Available in sizes small through XL in any color you want as long as it's black, the $94 garment is "designed by women…for women who want the opportunity to protect and defend themselves while enjoying the great outdoors."

The pistol pockets are Velcro lined and positioned below the breastbone, "allowing for free range of motion," according to the company. And the pocket is also suitable for a Taser or pepper spray. To keep the weapon from swinging, there's a drawstring waistband, just in case your Uzi Weighs a Ton. (The drawstring, it must be said, adds a nice bow-on-a-package aesthetic.)

Is that a bow?

A drawstring helps keep your weapon stable while you’re going for your Strava KOM. Photo: Courtesy of Concealed Carrie

Cycling with a gun really is a thing, according to this Reddit forum, and concealed carry is legal in all 50 states, but some states make it easier than others. Guns & Ammo says the District of Columbia is the worst, followed by California; on the other side of the spectrum, Utah is No. 2, leaving the No. 1 spot for Arizona. And, all kidding aside, would more armed cyclists reduce the number of hit-and-runs, a problem that’s reached epidemic proportions in places like Los Angeles?

Concealed Carrie recommends the Athletic Shirt for walking, hiking, and cycling, but warns that triathletes have to worry about more than just added weight: "Runners will notice increased vertical motion depending on the weight of the desired self-defense products. Compact firearms are best suited and suggested."

Rear shot of the jersey.

The back panel is green and has an added zipped pocket. Photo: Courtesy of Concealed Carrie

The Athletic Shirt also includes a removable adjustable holster and is built with a wicking fabric. A bright apple-green panel on the back makes the wearer more visible. And just wearing the jersey proves that when you talk “stopping power,” you’re not just talking about your hydraulic brakes.

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