EcoXGear EcoStone speakers 1

ECOXGEAR ECOSTONE speakers are waterproof and can take a beating. Photo: ECOXGEAR

ECOXGEAR’s ECOSTONE speaker is more than a speaker.

Measuring 5 inches x 10.1 inches x 3.7 inches and weighing 3.5 lbs, the ECOSTONE is the perfect travel companion especially in rough situations.

The bluetooth compatible speaker packs a surprisingly loud sound for its size and syncs perfectly with any cellphone. It’s 12-hour battery life also doubles as an extra charge for your phone, camera or anything else you want to plug in making it perfect for camping or long remote trips.

EcoXGear EcoStone speakers 1

ECOXGEAR ECOSTONE speakers are the perfect size for your campsite. Photo: ECOXGEAR

Plus, the little guy floats and is completely waterproof. The ECOSTONE is U.S. military certified and tested against the elements making it one rugged little speaker.

We submerged the ECOSTONE under three feet of water and was able to still hear, albeit muffled, tunes above. And while we can’t muster up the same strength as the military, the speaker did survive our second-story drop test.



But if that’s all just too much for you, opt for the ECOPEBBLE, the ECOSTONE’s little sister.

The ECOPEBBLE also floats, is waterproof and features bluetooth connectivity, only it’s much, much smaller and has a 7-hour battery life.


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