A lot of entrepreneurs and designers utilized crowd-sourcing platforms this year to bring amazing gear to life.

But, many big companies also dropped some awesome gear that blew our hair back.

Check out our faves, in no particular order:

Eco-friendly denim

We all wear jeans and, it turns out that the process takes a heavy toll on the environment.

Growing the cotton typically utilizes tons of dangerous chemicals. The dyeing process produces millions of gallons of wastewater. And that's to say nothing of the working conditions in the plants where the sewing takes place.

The new Patagonia jeans have a much lighter environmental toll and we're stoked for that.

A safer and more versatile skateboard: the Boosted electric board

Photo: Boosted.

Photo: Boosted

Released right around the new year, the Boosted Dual+ longboard is powered by twin brushless motors, making it accelerate faster, providing a higher top speed (about 22 mph) and stronger braking than its brethren.

At $1500 it ain't cheap, but the brakes help you scrub speed if need be and the motors help you cruise uphill without breaking a sweat. Making it perfect for play or just commuting to work in sweat-free style.

Crawl control on the 2016 Toyota Tacoma

When you're exploring off the beaten path, getting stuck is often part of the equation. And the only thing better than having a bunch of friends to help push/dig you out, is crawl control that's available on the new Tacoma.

Just put it into that mode and the car takes over acceleration, unburying itself. You just steer.

The new quiver-killer from Cannondale

With 27.5-inch wheels and 120 mm of suspension, the a href=”http://www.grindtv.com/gear/top-5-gear-picks-from-the-interbike-2015-outdoor-demo/” target=”_blank”>Habit’s on the small side of quiver killer, but the Habit descends like a rig with 140mm and climbs like a hard tail.

The RockShox XLoc Full Sprint lever that locks out the front and rear suspension for max efficiency.

Unlike most new model releases that are only available in high-end versions, the Habit is available in five carbon models and three aluminum models as well as one carbon model and one aluminum model in women's.

Now IPO bindings

Reinvent bindings? We were skeptical too.

But, Now created a binding worth checking out in their IPOs and they buffed out the design with this year’s version: lower highback and better buckles and straps.

Utilizing a skateboard truck-like kingpin, the Now’s help riders really get on an edge to help them get deeper into turns.

A manual transmission in a side-by-side: YXZ1000R

Side-by-sides are like the bigger brother of quads. But, they have the added bonus of being much more stable.

Shockingly, all side-by-sides were the domain on automatic transmissions until this fall, when Yamaha released the YXZ1000R.

Easy to drive, the YXZ1000R helps you drive and drift like Ken Block in a vehicle that’s just north of $20k.

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