While snow and mountains are the things that make skiers and snowboarders tick, cold is one wintertime nuisance that most snow enthusiasts could go without.

You gotta get your gear dialed for adventures like this. Photo: Char Beck/Unsplash

Gear advancements over the years have done a darn good job keeping frigid temperatures at bay, but sometimes even that’s not enough to keep us toasty on the slopes.

For those of us that run a little colder, here are a couple of specific solutions for staying warm on the slopes, no matter how low your temperature tolerance drops.

LENZ Heat Sock 3.0 ($257)

Keep those footsies toasty. Photo: Courtesy of LENZ

Happy feet are the key to a happy skier or boarder, and nothing does it quite like the LENZ Heat Sock 3.0. Equipped with a built-in heating element controlled by re-chargeable lithium battery packs, the Heat Sock 3.0 features heating pads in the toe and ball of the foot, activated by press studs in the sock’s leg band.

Aside from the heated features, the sock also transports moisture away from the foot, keeping a dry and warm fit throughout your ski day. It might be the most expensive sock you buy this season, but it will be worth every extra lap.

Ravean Heated Down Jacket ($160)

It just looks so warm, doesn’t it? Photo: Courtesy of Ravean

Thought your puffy jacket was as good as it gets? Well, think again. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, Ravean has brought the first heated down puffy jackets to the market, combining the down comfort you love with a 12-volt C6 heating system guaranteed to keep the core temperature stable when the mercury dips.

The jacket is washer and dryer safe, holds a charge for up to 10 hours (on low), and utilizes a rechargeable battery (charges in 90 minutes, but only six times before it needs replacing) to keep your jacket running all season long.

Warm & Safe Generation 4 Pant Liner ($185)

All the from your waist to your tippy toes. Photo: Courtesy of Warm & Safe

Don’t forget the buns this winter, and take a look at Warm & Safe’s Generation 4 Pant Liner, a heated long john that layers perfectly with any ski pant or outdoors work pant. Constructed with the active user in mind, the Generation 4 is made of anti-bacterial spandex for easy range of motion (minus the smell).

Featuring heating zones in the thigh, knee and upper butt, the Generation 4 is that little boost of warmth you need on a cold chairlift or after a big fall in the pow. Fair warning, it will be hard to go back to regular long johns after these.

Hotronics FootWarmer ($196)

Slip ’em in your boots, flip ’em on, and feel the heat. Photo: Courtesy of Hotronics

Built for ski boots, snowboard boots and snow boots, the Hotronics FoorWarmer S4 is the newest iteration of the most popular electric foot warmers on the market. Simply attach the rechargeable battery pack to the back of your boot and install the thin, one-size-fits-all heating pad to your traditional insole for hours of heat on your feet.

You might have to get over the slightly goofy battery pack hanging from the back of your boot, but with four different settings of heat geared for any day on the hill, we’re sure you’ll forget about it in no time.

HotHands Hand Warmers ($1)

Their offering goes far beyond hand warmers, too. Photo: Courtesy of HotHands

The “Old Faithful” on our list, HotHands are the classic disposable hand warmers that should be a part of every cold-blooded quiver. Simply remove from the package and expose to air before tossing them in your gloves, and get 100-degree heat for at least two hours.

Yes, this isn’t an all-day fix, but at $1 a pop, we bet you can spring for a few extra pairs, just in case.

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