Spending time outdoors doesn’t have to mean roughing it – especially with these finds, which are perfect for whipping up the ultimate feast without the luxuries of a kitchen.

For those in your life who prefer cooking in the wilderness, or just wherever their road warrior lifestyle takes them – behold, our Camp Cooker holiday gift guide.

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GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Dualist Cookset ($64.95)

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For the adventurous backpacking duo or the minimalist car campers, this integrated cooking set is perfect for those looking for a lightweight way to cook and eat for two. This cooking set includes a 1.8L pot, a strainer lid, two mugs with insulated sleeves, two 20 oz bowls, two sip-it tops, two sporks and a welded stuff sack that doubles as a sink. Whether you're cooking in the backcountry or by the car, being able to easily store your cooking items is a must. Not only do all items in the set nest within each other, the handle can be removed from the pot to make for a truly compact way to travel. And clocking in at just 21.6 oz, it's the ideal cooking set to take backpacking. For the price, you might just want to get one for a friend … and yourself.

Primus Campfire Cutting Set ($69.95)

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Having a portable cutting set makes preparing food in the outdoors much easier. The 15 cm flexible stainless steel blade with a rounded edge tip (so you don't accidentally cut yourself) is wrapped in a sheath alongside an oak cutting board. The knife and cutting board is also coated with a natural disinfectant for easy cleaning.

Rome Square Pie Iron ($19.95)

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A tried-and-true camp cooking routine is something that many seasoned campers wouldn't deviate too far from. The classics like hot dogs and s'mores are just too good to pass up. However, holding true to that "around the campfire" ethos is the Rome Cast Iron Pie Iron. This can spice up any camp meal with treats like fruit-filled pies, grilled cheese, and even more creative options like Nutella and walnuts. Made from solid cast-iron, this cooking tool cooks evenly and quickly … and it's oh-so-easy to clean.

Sea to Summit X-Pot 4L ($79.95)

No matter what kind of camping you're doing, the day often involves a lot of time running around, exploring nature, and ends with hungry bellies. For the camp cooker who wants to up the cooking capacity but not the bulk, Sea to Summit's X-Pot is the dream solution. These lightweight, durable pots collapse down to easily fit in your backpack, and can hold just about 135 oz. Not to mention, they're extremely durable, making them perfect for the minimalist friend looking to add a functional piece of cookware to their arsenal.
not sure if it would be good to say "Sea to Summit's X-Pot 4L is the dream solution."

Snow Peak Field Barista Coffee Drip ($69.95)

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Chances are, you know someone who cannot live (read: lift their head off the pillow) without coffee. When you're camping, the stakes are even higher; caffeine is necessary to kick your day into gear and get on with the next adventure at hand. Snow Peak's Field Barista Coffee Drip system has you covered in these situations. Uncompromising coffee aficionados will rejoice at how effortless this compact, stainless steel system makes it to transition your pour over coffee habit into the wild unknown.

Alpine Start Dirty Chai Instant Coffee – 5 Pack ($8.99)

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Make mornings in the outdoors easier with 100-percent Colombian Arabica coffee blended with traditional chai spices, black tea and soy milk. Meant to be enjoyed at all temperatures, this non-GMO, dairy-free coffee is ready to go with the addition of hot or cold water.

High Camp Firelight Flask 750 ($99.98)

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For those who love a good utilitarian find, the High Camp Firelight Flask is where it's at. Not only can it fit a fifth of liquor or a full bottle of wine, this stainless steel beauty comes equipped with two tumblers that magnetically attach to the bottle's body, making it the perfect conduit for sharing a favorite beverage with friends. It's double-wall, vacuum-insulated design and silicone sealed cap top off the list of its attributes. And for those health-conscious gift recipients: this bottle is phthalate- and-BPA-free.

MSR 2-Person Mess Kit ($34.95)

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What's the point of a mess kit that can't be shared? We certainly don't know. Spread some outdoor cheer and pick up MSR's 2-Person Mess Kit for the favorite couple in your life, or maybe for your significant other. (That way you get to play with it too, and that's what we call a win-win.)

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