These gifts are perfect for that person who wants to kick up their feet, tune out the world and get caught up with all those TV series they never even knew they needed.

Give them the gift of cozy fleece, soft shearling and the most snug gear to keep them lounging through the New Year.

Check out the whole 2018 ASN Holiday Gift Guide.

Airblaster Ninja Suit ($119.95)

holiday gift guide 2018

The ninja suit is warm, comfortable and entertaining, both as a base layer and as pajamas. Not only does this one-piece eliminate discomfort around the waist, it's also 45-percent stronger than traditional base layers by using it's merino, tencel, spandex and wolverino blend. They only use mulesed wool from New Zealand and Australia.

Alterra Pure Organic Cotton Sheets ($125)

holiday gift guide 2018

If you're shopping for that someone special, you want to make sure your gift is intentional, thoughtful, and built well. Alterra Pure's Organic Percale Cotton sheets fulfill all of these requirements and more: They're woven from 100-percent GOTS certified organic cotton, made in a LEED-certified factory, and are incredibly comfortable to sleep on. Because of their construction, they only get better with time, meaning these are the gift that keeps on giving.

Burton Premium Grove Ful-Zip Fleece Jacket ($189.95)

holiday gift guide 2018

When the weather is cool, but not quite cold, it's important to still be comfortable, but not overly stuffy. This is where a quality fleece comes into play … and what better brand to trust than the legacy that is Burton. Made from DRYRIDE THERMEX Italian Jacquard Sherpa Fleece, the Grove is a comfy, stylish and durable option for any outdoor lover's wardrobe.

Coal Headwear Uniform Beanie ($23.95)

Best known for their comfort and durability, Coal is trusted by skiers and snowboarders alike. This beanie is constructed with a poly-wool blend and has the perfect mix between a basic and modern look.

Finisterre Scott Shirt (£85)

holiday gift guide 2018

Photo: Courtesy of Finisterre

Picture your favorite sweater. Your favorite midlayer, that you've worn down to threadbare levels, that's got holes in the sleeves and a button missing but is so cozy and perfect that you'll never throw it away. Everyone has one, and our guess is that when you read that description, that one friend who wears theirs every day popped into your mind. Well, why not get them a replacement? The Scott Shirt is the corduroy take on the classic work shirt, so it's got structure, but it's also comfortable enough to wear anytime, anywhere.

Rumpl Sherpa Blanket ($110)

holiday gift guide 2018

Indoors, outdoors, and anywhere in between, it's always a pleasure to snuggle up under a cozy sherpa blanket. And the team over at Rumpl have created one of the coziest ones we've ever seen. At 50 x 70" the Rumpl Sherpa Blanket is large enough to keep yourself (and perhaps a friend) warm and happy when the temperatures dip. With a lightweight, non-insulated feel, it's not the answer for cold-weather camping, rather for those mild evenings around the campfire or even cuddled up on the couch watching holiday movies. This is the gift that'll warm their soul.

Sanuk Cush N’ Blaze Boots ($80)

holiday gift guide 2018

Anyone with the privilege of slipping their toes into these fuzzy, cozy winter booties will be thanking you well into the New Year. Constructed with Sanuk's squishy yoga mat soles, and complete with a shearling and wool lining, the Cush N' Blaze is destined to become the only boot for that someone in your life who lives in luxurious, warm footwear, 24/7.

SUIT Iron Knit Sweater ($90)

holiday gift guide 2018

Guys and gals, we all know the true value of a solid sweater during fall and winter seasons. The weight and stitch of a well-made, chunky sweater offers a sense of warm nostalgia, blanketing you in childhood memories of grandma's quilted blankets. With a focus on shape, fabric, and tailoring, SUIT really knows how to create the perfect knit garment that is flattering on just about anyone, whether layered or on its own.

The North Face Furry Fleece Full Zip ($99)

holiday gift guide 2018

We're all familiar with that one item of clothing that's so comfortable, warm and versatile, it's worn everywhere, all the time. Whether at home watching a movie, leaving the gym on a brisk night, or running around doing errands, this is the jacket for the friend who loves to stay snug on chilly winter days. Simple, warm, breathable, and cozy both inside and out, this jacket is truly all the feels.

Volcom Lil’ Onesie ($89.50)

holiday gift guide 2018

If there was ever one piece of clothing that could single-handedly define the Netflix and Chill movement, this would be it. As far as we're concerned, this hooded, zip-up onepiece is a godsend. Bonus: the rose gold trim elevates the sophistication level, for the elite lounger who still wants to retain their stylish sensibilities.

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