Trailermade is a like an AirBNB for Airstreams and other RVs. Photo: Trailermade.

Trailermade is a like an Airbnb for Airstreams and other RVs. Photo: Courtesy of Trailermade

Whether you just want to get away and need mobile sleeping quarters to add some awesome sauce to your trip or you want to make a few bucks on the RV, travel trailer or camper van you already have, you have to check out Trailermade, a peer-to-peer rental company for the original adventuremobiles.

The Airbnb for the Airstream set was started by two cousins who were tired of rising housing prices, said sayonara to their corporate gigs and started this company. Their corporate HQ? An Airstream.

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“Our whole focus is building communities all over and to connect likeminded travelers. Because in the camping industry, it can be daunting for people who have never camped. So Trailermade is bridging that gap and allowing your everyday person to have access to explore the outdoors,” says co-founder Josh Toedt.

Recently launched, Trailermade had just over 300 users at the time of this writing and about 60 listings, mainly in California and Colorado, including a rad Sportmobile. According to Toedt, the community’s numbers are growing daily. And they’ve already secured partnerships with big-time outdoor players like Patagonia, Tern Bicycles and Snow Peak.

Renters can rent a vehicle and take it on the road or keep it where they found it. Early adopters include a lot of surfers, cyclists and photographers — many of whom already know and love the chase-the-stoke camping lifestyle.

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Newbies are just as passionate. Toedt says renters who are greener are using the service to explore their backyards and places close to home — typically, just a few hours away.

Trailermade also rents Sprinter vans, RVs, and camper vans. Photo: Trailermade.

Trailermade also rents Sprinter vans, RVs and camper vans. Photo: Courtesy of Trailermade

Toedt freely admits that this lifestyle is not for everyone, but if you’re a less-is-more sort of person, it’s worth checking out. “Life is more about the experiences you have than how much stuff you actually own,” he says. “It’s easier if you’re already living minimally to adapt that lifestyle.”

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