The countdown for Thanksgiving is on—if you’re gonna get it, you’re gonna have to get after it. Not all of us excel at roasting the perfect bird, so if you find yourself heading to a friend’s house this Thanksgiving, you’re probably feeling the pressure of what to bring. We thoroughly relate, and, like you, aspire to be remembered, and not upstaged (again!) by that homemade, seven-layer spice cake. Furthermore, we refuse to let that (tipsy) spontaneous toast-giver steal our limelight—we too have skills! … It’s in the spirit of bounty, mind you, that we direct your attention to seven items that, like us, your outdoorsy host will be elated to receive. You may have to express the shipping, but hey, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush—so trot to it!

Buy the local foods wheel here. MSRP $15
Buy the elephant nut cracker here. MSRP $20
Buy the Wunder Bundler here. MSRP $25
Buy the Patagonia Expedition Sewing Kit here. MSRP 29
Buy the triangle dinner bell here. MSRP $36
Buy the waxed canvas camp stool here. MSRP $36
Buy “The Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings” here. MSRP $35