Hitting the road doesn’t have to mean leaving the comforts of home behind. The popularity of van life has ushered in a new wave of innovation when it comes to items that can be portable and functional, as well.

At the same time, with the increased exposure and interest in the outdoor world from a mainstream population, we’ve seen the caliber, quality and technology associated with gear expand at unprecedented rates. Camping gear, once reserved for, well, camping, is now beautiful enough to display at home, and works equally as well to throw in the car for your next road trip.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most useful home goods that can also function as supplies for the road.

Onsen Bath Bundle Towel Set- Large ($84)

Photo: Onsen/ Huckberry

Towels that will stay clean when you’re on the road.

Onsen makes towels that dry quickly due to their oversized waffle weave construction, meaning that when you’re heading out for your next week-long road trip, you won’t have to bring an extra set of linens to feel clean on the go.

We know white can be a tricky color when you’re on the road, but there’s nothing like the classic look.

Wynd Smart Purifier ($210)

Photo: Wynd/ Huckberry

Put one in your teardrop trailer or your van to keep air clean. Use it at home when you’re not exploring.

The Wynd Air Purifier is small enough to fit in a backpack, but packs a full-size punch with its medical-grade air filters. The purifier also features a custom-built sensor that adjusts filtration levels based on what it senses from your environment. This is key for anyone who wants the best quality air possible, wherever you end up.

The Field Company – The Field Cast Iron Skillet ($100)

Photo: The Field Company/ Huckberry

Keeping it unwashed adds flavor. Talk about tasty convenience.

The Field Company has taken the classic cast-iron to the next level, combining new and recycled iron. The brand casts them into a unique lightweight option that comes pre-seasoned with a smooth finish, so cooking delicate foods is no longer an issue.

Because it’s only four and a half pounds, this skillet will fit as seamlessly in your van as it will sitting on your stovetop at home.

Rumpl Exclusive Ocean Dusk Puffy Blanket ($78)

Photo: Rumpl/ Huckberry

Using technical materials normally reserved for outdoor gear, this blanket is durable and comfortable. Win-win.

Rumpl’s fabric is odor and stain-resistant – perfect for the inevitable messes that happen in the great outdoors. Synthetic insulation means you’ll stay toasty warm, and waterproofing means if an unexpected rainstorm strikes (or your dog jumps in a lake, and then straight onto your lap), you’ll still be able to stay warm and dry.

B&O PLay BeoPlay A1 + Power Bank ($225)

Photo: B&O Play/ Huckberry

You want tunes, right? We know you’re probably not hauling the record player on your next road trip – this is the next best option.

Not only does this portable speaker provide unparalleled sound quality, but it also comes with a power bank, so keeping it charged on the road and off the grid is a worry of the past. Fitting into the palm of your hand, it’s incredibly easy to store, and splash and dust resistant. This is the durable speaker you’ve been looking for.

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