People have been combining sports left and right from simple crossovers like SUP yoga to SUP cross-country skiing. But if your a purest and just looking to save some cash on board purchases, here are a few multi-surface board options.

Seasons Alpine ($235)

seasonsFlexible but ridged, Seasons offers a true multi-surface board that you can ride in snow, on land and possibly in the water. The board is both a snowboard and longboard made from materials that can also withstand water.

Each board is made from layers and blends of materials like maple veneer, polymers, fibers and environmentally-friendly resins creating flexiblility while remaining rigid, soft and resistant.

Seasons offers three board styles, each with an optional setup.

Take the wheels off the Alpine, slap on some bindings and this board is ready to hit the snow. Its design includes sidecut, metal edging and a wax-friendly base.

Lib Tech Skunk Ape Horsepower ($969.69)


While not technically multi-surface but still one of our fave multi-use options, a split board is a snowboard that quickly separates into two ski-like parts and can be easily reconnected.

These cleverly designed boards come in handy in the backcountry.

When slops are shallow and a snowboard can’t gain enough traction, split your board into skis and carry on.

Lib Tech’s Skunk Ape Horsepower splitboard made SNOWBOARDER’s 2015 Buyers Guide, and was described as "light, strong, wide … Apes love pow and getting backcountry sweaty."

Read the full review.

Surf Skooter ($79.99-100)


The Surf Skooter offers introductory-level surf fun and is also a body board, alternative floatation device and sled.

This is a board for beginners (read: the kiddies) that doubles for other vacation fun throughout the year.

The board can be purchased with a tow anchor that will allow you to get pulled from a boat.

And when the summer fun ends, it can be ridden in the winter as a sled.

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