Nothing is more frustrating than being out on the mountain snowboarding and missing a phone call from a friend you get separated from because you couldn’t get to your phone in time.

You end up playing an incessant game of phone tag, never failing to miss the person on the other end of the call while simultaneously freezing your fingertips off outside of your gloves.

But a new Indiegogo campaign for the second generation of BearTek gloves hopes to end all of that by bringing total control over all your devices to your fingertips.

The company, which was founded by Willie Blount and CEO Tarik Rodgers, developed out of the duo’s personal desires to be able to effortlessly control their cell phones. Blount, an avid motorcyclist, wanted to safely control his phone and play music while riding. Rodgers, a longtime skier, was tired of having calls he made while on the mountains go to voicemail.

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So they developed BearTek, and have now unveiled their second generation of the glove to make it so you can cycle between controlling all your devices, all by touching two fingers together.

Indiegogo Beartek Gloves

With the new Beartek gloves, you can control everything from your GoPro to your cell phone effortlessly. Photo: Courtesy of Beartek

All users have to do is touch their thumb to six intelligent points located on the bridge of their pointer, middle and ring fingers which can, in turn, answer their phone, toggle their GoPro on and off, and switch to music apps like Pandora on their phone.

The glove can operate on both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality, and will offer more than 80 hours of battery life, meaning it will far outlast your workout.

Currently, less than a week into their Indiegogo campaign, Beartek has already raised over $54,000 of their fundraising goal of $40,000. With early bird pricing still available, you can save more than 50 percent on a pair of gloves for $99, and orders will ship in March.

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