The extreme-sports community is mourning the loss of American rock climber, alpinist, BASE jumper, and highliner, Dean Potter. News of Potter’s Yosemite BASE jumping accident began circulating shortly after he and longtime flying partner Graham Hunt died from impact after failing to clear granite cliffs off Taft Point, near El Capitan, late Saturday.

As word of Potter's tragic demise spreads, an outpouring of remembrances have appeared on Instagram honoring an adventurer who lived life to its fullest.

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Chris Schulte remembers the legend dating back to at least the mid-90s.

When I started climbing, Dean Potter was a legend on the fringe, putting up the wildest climbs less than two hours away from my hometown of Durango. Some of my climbing mentors had spent a great deal of time with him in Yosemite, around Moab, and wherever else. In the mid-90's, Dean was just coming to the fore, to the vanguard, with a style and ethic that he'd stick with as a way of life for twenty years. I remember my first trip to Mill Creek near Moab: all I could think of while creeping and weeping between the bolts of Techno-Christ (rather well protected by the standards of the area/day) was: Dean Soloed This. And Sinister (pic). And OSFA King Tut, 5.13. Over the years, the Crack House, King Air, Bruce Lee… "Pottering" became a verb, and we'd haul ass up 3 pitch local climbs, pulling on gear and soloing in bits. He was one of my first heroes, but hero is not the word. You don't follow some folks; you just let 'em be for what they are. When we finally met in the cafeteria in Yosemite, fifteen years after I'd first tried to follow his trail, I found somebody mellow, thoughtful, beta-helpful, and a little distant: not like a far peak, more like a tiny ledge up high, little juniper-adorned thing. A spot of life in a sea of impossible terrain. I'd say thanks again, but I know it wasn't really for any of us, it was for you, and so I guess I'll thank you for that. Thanks for being you. A Dedicated You. #deanpotter

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Alex Johnson shares an inspiring Dean Potter quote …


While Renan Ozturk posts an impromptu photo of his late friend …


And Tyler Roemer shares a man-and-man’s-best-friend moment.


Chris Sharma pays homage to his fearless friend …

RIP my friend. #deanpotter #rememberdeanpotter

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Jimmy Chin honors Potter’s “fly free” ways …

To my dear friend….fly free brother….you will be deeply missed. @deanpotter

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Lynsey Dyer says farewell to the man that inspires her …


And Kelly Slater reflects on a life lived without regret.

What do you imagine you'll think the moment before you die? Will you surrender to the experiences you've had and breathe a thankful sigh of relief? Will you remember fondly all of the wonderful experiences and friends and family you had along the way in that last instant? Or will you have regrets for the things you didn't say or experience or act on? Will you wish you lived more fully or thoughtfully or actively? I'd imagine #DeanPotter will have had few regrets and many fond memories in that moment. He set standards that will live on for eons and inspire people for generations to come to live the lives of their dreams and push beyond what they know to be the standard. I didn't know Dean but my heart goes out to many of my friends who were close friends of his who are surely mourning his early departure and that of his flying partner, #GrahamHunt. #FlyOnDeanPotter #WhisperTheDog

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John Rose takes a moment to celebrate this grand experience called “life” …

Saddened to hear the news of climbing legend, Dean Potter, passing yesterday. I've been seeing so many posts about him, the influence his performance had on people. There are a couple common threads among them all – unwavering passion and truth. This seemed to be a human that was living his absolute truth, day in and day out. I never got to meet him but for me, just a novice climber (but HUGE fan of the sport), he was the first rockstar/superhero character that caught my attention. Of course there were guys like him in generations past, but for me in my life, at my age, I remember first reading about him and being completely enamored. Being over in Nepal working these past few weeks has a way of polarizing things – I have never felt the vulnerability of being human more than I have these last few weeks. The feeling like at any moment our time could be up and all that we did here – the people we loved, the things we worried about, the ups and downs, could be gone in an instant. I don't see this as scary, but rather a reminder to use my time, to honor my truth with every breath I take, to whole heartedly celebrate this experience we call life. And lastly, not to wait a damn second longer to do so. Fly high, Dean… You will be greatly missed… Sending warm thoughts to all his friends and loved ones. #deanpotter #flyondeanpotter #rememberdeanpotter

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While Tommy Caldwell can’t fill the void that was Dean Potter …

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And Chris Burkard bids and eloquent farewell.

What is your greatest fear in life ? "Not being true to my calling"-Dean Potter RIP #rememberdeanpotter

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