Happy Memorial Day!

Last week was epic. People really got out there and did stuff.

You guys hung out, kayaked, saw the Northern Lights, and took pictures of all of it. Thanks to Instagram, we're privy to all of the fun and rad shots, and we figured we would share some of our favorites.

Here are your top shots from last week on Instagram:

Axel Irons celebrated with a friend at T & C Surf Grom 2015 contest.

Good morning everyone!!! Hahaha too much fun this weekend! ❤️❤️ @lyndieirons @joelcenteio

A photo posted by Tammy Moniz (@tammymoniz) on

Quin hung out… literally

Dane Gudauskas enjoyed a Fijian sunset, and beer…

While Les took in the morning light…

And Ian shot some other lights: the Northern Lights.

A photo posted by Ian Provo (@ianprovo) on

Jenny rode her 39-year-old Honda to Moab…

While Mikey caught spray…

D.J. and Lorelai went kayaking…

Be safe out there this weekend! #adventuresoflorelai

A photo posted by D.J. Struntz (@djstruntzphoto) on

And Mike went for a run on University Mountain.

Just can't get enough right now. #neverstopexploring #endurancedriven

A photo posted by Mike Foote (@mikefootemt) on

Sometimes, you just have to improvise like Nathan and his friends who got soaked in Laguna Beach, California.

Some things are worth getting soaked for. Instagram, for example.

A photo posted by Nathan Tecson (@nathantecson) on

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