Well, well, well….look at what the ladies put together this year. Today, October 1st, the all chick snowboard film, “Stance”, was released. And by released, I mean, FREE DOWNLOAD! For you! It’s for a limited time only so click here to get yours. Jeremy Miller and Stan Evans were the minds behind this and ultimately wanted to “create the most innovative female snowboarding film to date…start a large initiative to push snowboarding’s creative and cinematic boundaries” (www.stancemovie.com).

Let me first start by just listing off the amazing talent in this video: Gretchen Bleiler, Kimmy Fasani, Raewyn Reid, Hana Beaman, Molly Aguirre, Laura Hadar, Jamie Anderson, Gabi Viteri, Lisa Filzmoser, Erin Comstock, Jenny Jones, and Torah Bright.

With all these babes teamed up with their best footage, you’re not going to be disappointed. There are epic shots of not only their riding but of the scenery and locations that they traveled to. I also was super hyped to see some of the girls out of their comfort zones. (For instance, getting out of that half pipe and switching it up with some powder and natural jibs.)

It opens up with Gretchen’s part and well; if her aim was to show her ability to ride backcountry…good job Gretch, mission accomplished. I’m sure there is more where that came from. Raewyn Reid. Um, seriously? That girl shreds like her life depends on it and her part proves it, she hits everything. All these ladies showed up with their game faces on and were obviously stoked which in turn, got me stoked. Also appreciated the couple random shots of these girls with their huge lifted trucks; don’t think they are trying to make up for anything.

Long story short: Love the music, the balls out riding, the creativity, the cast, the bails, and the variety. That’s my stance…what’s yours?