Get ready to experience surfing in IMAX 3D with the release of The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D presented by Suzuki. A film that features nine-time World Champion, Kelly Slater, and Tahitian charger, Raimana Van Bastolaer, in and around Tahiti’s most famous wave, Teahupoo. This is not your average surf movie, and is being billed as an amazing visual experience, as it will dive into the science of Oceanography, mainly the “hidden forces” at work behind a wave’s energy.

That’s not to say there will not be any surfing, joining Slater and Bastolaer is Hawaiian madman, Shane Dorian, and from the looks of it, some serious Teahupoo surfing went down, including a few heavy tow-in sessions. What’s going to make this movie so appealing to the senses is you’ll see one of the world’s heaviest waves from all angles, and in IMAX 3D nonetheless, then learn what makes it so heavy. The film will also showcase stunning underwater footage of coral reefs, schools of fish, sharks, etc. Plus, everything else that makes Tahiti such a special place.

GrindTV Surf editor, Chris Mauro, recently sat down with The Ultimate Wave 3D stars, including Kelly Slater, for an interview:
And here’s a trailer of the movie…