If you had the opportunity to participate in a 24-hour adventure race, in your favorite city, with your best friends, would you do it?

Entering a Questival is a great way to bond with friends and push your limits. Photo: Cotopaxi

For a lot of us, the answer seems obvious. That’s why if you haven’t heard of it yet, you need to check out Cotopaxi’s Questival Series, a 24-hour adventure race meant to push your limits, and help you explore your city.

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Cotopaxi, maker of outdoor gear and doers of good, started their Questival Series in 2014 with two events. Fast forward to 2017’s tour, and the brand has 50 separate events lined up across the country, with three additional events in Canada. Each one is comprised of adventure and fitness, food and teamwork, all designed to push you out of your comfort zone.

Get to know your city even better by checking out the Questival event nearest you. Photo: Cotopaxi

Teams are made up of 2-6 people, and each participant receives a Cotopaxi Luzon pack, a unique team totem, swag items, and samples from event sponsors.

Each stop kicks off with a welcome party, and prizes are available for the winners of each event.

This year’s tour kicks off today in Austin, Texas, and runs all year until its culmination in Hawaii, in December.

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You can register and find out more information on the Questival Series at the event’s website.

Once you register for the race nearest you and download the event app, you’ll be emailed a challenge list 24 hours before the race, full of tasks meant to push your limits in new and exciting ways.