Surfing is at its best when it doesn't take itself too seriously. It is all too often portrayed as an all-action sport, featuring either big waves or high-performance competition. Hollywood has frequently tried to distill the sport into something meaningful and usually fails miserably. However, surfing is neither serious nor a metaphor for life. It is supposed to be fun. These clips prove that.

Ben Stiller, "My Beach"

From the movie "Fair Bits," Ben Stiller takes on the issue of localism in surfing, aided by cameos from Donovan Frankenreiter, Taj Burrow, and a memorable turn by Andy Irons. Surely surfing's funniest four and a half minutes.

Kenny Powers, "Spongers"

"Mahalo surfers, you f&@king nerds!" Kenny Powers from "Eastbound and Down" inverts the usual antagonism toward boogie boards (derogatorily labeled "spongers") by surfers in this hilarious (but vulgar — language!) parody of surf culture.

Drunk History, "The Australian Invasion”

Comedy Central's "Drunk History" series tackles the "Australian Invasion" of Hawaii in 1976 and Eddie Aikau's role in negotiating a deal between Rabbit Bartholomew and the Hawaiians he had enraged with his article titled “Bustin’ Down the Door.” Both fairly accurate and hysterically funny.

Greasy and Lemmy, "Doped Youth"

Before Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson were respectable world champions, they donned wigs to become Greasy and Lemmy in the Australian cult movie "Doped Youth." The bonus section of the movie was this expletive-riddled review, which is equally rough and laugh-out-loud funny (and probably NSFW).

Jack Johnson, "Taylor"

Ben Stiller is at it again, this time taking the reins of Jack Johnson's video for his hit song “Taylor.” It's worth it for Stiller's wetsuit alone.