Kai Lenny is known throughout the action sports world as a prolific water sports athlete, with six SUP world championships under his belt, as well as additional accolades throughout various disciplines.

This week’s ‘World of Adventure’ takes a look at what has gone into making the Maui-born athlete who he is today, and what his influences are.

“I think you’re a product of your environment, and I was surrounded by some of the best people in water sports, guys like Dave Kalama, Laird Hamilton, Robby Naish. When you look to these guys, it’s like ‘Well that’s the level, and I have to get to that level.'”

Not only is Lenny influenced by pioneers in their respective sports; he’s also deeply affected by his home break, Jaws, and the feelings it stirs up.

“I’m also lucky that the Mt. Everest of waves is in my backyard. I look forward to every single winter out there, pushing my boundaries and finding out who I am.”

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