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This set of survival books is worth the sense it buys you. Photo courtesy of Best Made Co

Common sense is an uncommon trait. We say this without judgment, but with the kind of first-hand experience that makes one ponder the odds of natural selection. Barring the use of reality TV as an example here, our aim is not to highlight stupidity, but to promote knowledge and know-how.

We’ve all met a guy who seems to know how to do just about anything, right? No? Right, that guy has become a rarity among men. But every now and again, a guy who knows that guy who knows how to do everything surfaces like an urban legend, and we’re all ears. We all know about that guy, right? We do. And we want to be that guy. Here’s the thing, knowledge is intoxicating, and in the right context, odd knowledge is powerful. So whatever your motivation from this point forward, you’ll appreciate the tip we’re about to drop on you.

Enter the Wisdom & Know-How survival books. We know what you’re thinking, because we thought it too. Yes, we said wisdom—as in hair-on-your-chest, buy-him-another-round, all-eyes-on-you wisdom. What’s so special about a grouping of step-by-step, know-how manuals? Don’t ask questions you know the answer to. You need to be asking a different question—like where do I get them?

Five books in all, the Know-How series offers authoritative voices in topics ranging from everything you need to know to survive in the wild, live off the land, build things, grow things, and stay healthy. The books combine to form 2,500 pages of opportunity—overtly useful information begging to see the light of day. So heed this advice: buy the whole series. Put one in the can and one on the coffee table, or stack them up and use them as the coffee table—but get them, because all legends start with that thing no one else knows how to do. The knowledge is stacked in your favor. MSRP $19.95

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