The core of action sports has always lived in the passion of its athletes. Long before surfing, snowboarding and even skateboarding became recognizable, early pioneers were laying the groundwork of what would later become a burgeoning industry. In new flick "The Search for Freedom," premiering tonight, writer-director Jon Long traces the roots of this community telling the story of its innovators, and in doing so, reveals what makes them tick.

“In making this film, I realized there was no definitive story about the evolution of action sports,” Long revealed. “I was privileged to interview some really amazing people, who by sharing their stories, take us through an evolution based mainly on their personal experiences, feelings and observations.”

The film’s cast is as impressive as it is extensive: the Godfather of action sports filmmaking Warren Miller; the founding father of mountain biking, Gary Fisher; skateboard legend Tony Hawk; professional big-mountain snowboarder Jeremy Jones; and 11 time ASP World Tour Champion Kelly Slater are just a handful of icons who participated.

But what ends up at the forefront of Long’s interviewing process, and what invariably became the theme of the film was something unexpected: the idea of freedom.

“I hadn't initially planned on pursuing the theme of freedom in this film until I had already interviewed dozens of people,” said Long.

Ever mindful, the director pieces together a powerful and revealing story that captivates imaginations and leaves the door open to what the pursuit of freedom means to you. Plus, you wouldn’t believe the imagery.

World Premiere: Newport Beach Film Festival, April 24, 2015, 5:30 PM Lido Theater, Newport Beach
Theatrical release across the USA starting June 10, 2015

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