Dean Morrison at Snapper Rocks—a wave he and friends Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson grew up at; frame grab from video

Dean Morrison at Snapper Rocks—a wave he and friends Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson grew up at; frame grab from video

Everyone loves Dean "Dingo" Morrison—unless you're Laird Hamilton, who got upset with him for dancing naked on the bar at Namotu, but that's a whole 'nother story. A former standout on the ASP World Tour, Dingo is now hell bent on chasing the biggest and baddest swells across the planet—and having a good time doing it. We caught up with Dean as he visited friends in California and plotted his next big barrel…

From dawn 'til dusk, describe your dream day.
Wake up and cruise for a little bit, do some yoga, then just surf perfect waves with my mates—anywhere big and hollow. So yeah, surf all day, then sit down for dinner at a nice sushi restaurant, cheers to everyone for surviving the surf session, drink beers, talk story, and there's a bunch of girls there, and everyone gets some action! [Laughs.]

Who's in your personal hall of fame?
Tom Curren for his surfing, for sure. Mick [Fanning], Joel [Parkinson], Albee Layer, all those guys. Albee just because he pushes the limit on everything—he really inspires me to push myself further in big waves. And Mick and Joel for how they surf—the way they link turns together is just awesome. Outside of surfing, I have some close friends that live by their own personal truths and have an open heart; they inspire me to live that way.

Between magazines, books, and websites, what kind of stuff are you reading?
Anything from RedTube to Buddha quotes, really! [Laughs.] I've been reading a lot lately about yoga and finding your own truth. For me, the yoga thing really makes sense; it's not about judging people, it's about being yourself and finding God from within. I really enjoy those types of stories and philosophies.

What are you listening to nowadays?
Country music—it's all I listen to at the moment. I got into [it] from my friend Blair; he made me a country playlist in, like, 2004 on a boat trip in the Mentawais and I loved it right off the bat. I've never been to a country music festival, but there's one at home I'm looking forward to.

Above: Dean Morrison and his father, Bobby. After a tough upbringing, Dean has made amends with his dad and now counts him as “one of my best mates.”

What's your world view?
Just try to live with an open heart, find your own truth, and don't be judgmental.

Dead or alive, who would be at your private party?
It'd just be all my mates, really—everyone I hang with all together at once. Lots of fun, really good music, and I'd bring AI [Andy Irons] and Malik [Joyeux, in photo above] back—just all the boys. The party would be on a beach with pumping waves, girls everywhere, and when the sun goes down everyone's just raging! Did I mention beautiful women running around? [Laughs.]

Any regrets along the way?
Umm, my mate got stuck with the bill the other night at a restaurant; that was a bit of a shocker! [Laughs.] I guess if I really thought about it, there may be a few things I regret, but it kind of makes me who I am to go through stuff like that. I don't think I'd go back and change things, though. You do stuff that maybe at the time feels right, but isn't, and then later on you learn from it. You know, nobody gives you a set of rules on how to live your life; you make mistakes, learn from them, and don't repeat 'em.

Most embarrassing moment?
There are so many … but that's the weird thing, I don't get embarrassed. I'll take my clothes off in public places, everything, and not get embarrassed. None, really—I just don't get embarrassed. Other people might, but that's just me!

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