Ozzie Wrong, who does not belong, aka Ozzie Wright, and Dean Morrison have dropped their Innersection sections. Remember, this a contest to get a part in the next Taylor Steele movie, the top 5 make it, and you, the people, decide by voting.

Ozzie’s section is pretty, pretty, pretty cool. He rides a unicorn from the planet Zorn, performs the music that is heard, which is the song The Unicorn From The Planet Zorn, and of course, kills it in the water. Click here to check it out.

And there’s Morrison, who’s had a rough few days after being assaulted outside a Coolangatta, Aus watering hole, which landed him in the hospital with a broken cheek bone. Although, being the Aussie mad man that he is, he will compete at the Billabong Pro Jeffery’s Bay. So, check out his section by clicking here.