As President Obama prepares to leave office tomorrow, he’s given outdoor enthusiasts and conservationists a consolation prize of sorts.

He’s added 6,000 additional acres of coastline to the California Coastal National Monument (CCNM), protecting the land from development and preserving breathtaking natural resources and habitats.

SURFER reported that the expansion of the CCNM adds six sites to the already existing national monument: Piedras Blancas (San Luis Obispo Co.), Trinidad Head (Humboldt Co.), Waluplh-Lighthouse Ranch (Humboldt Co.), Lost Coast Headlands (Humboldt Co.), Cotoni-Coast Dairies (Santa Cruz Co.) and Orange County Rocks (Orange Co.).

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Originally formed by Bill Clinton in 2000, President Obama added to the CCNM in 2014, but this year’s contribution will be his biggest.

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For many conservationists and locals in areas threatened by development and stripping of natural resources, the next four years are somewhat frightening for those fighting to protect the natural areas that not only provide endless beauty, but are also crucial habitats for wildlife threatened by expansion.