For the newest chapter of their “ONE OBSESSION” campaign, Oakley conducted a survey of over 500 American athletes, 18-years-old and over, to find out what exactly drives their dedication to their sport.

They examined the behaviors of “The Obsessed”; that is, those that would sacrifice family, friendship and career in the pursuit of their sporting passion.

Here are some of the standout findings:

Photo by: Oakley

They know what work-life balance is all about
– 40% of employed athletes would rather excel at their sport than at their job
– 23% of employed athletes say their sport is more important than receiving awards or recognition at work

Photo by: Oakley

The Obsessed are willing to make sacrifices
– One-third (34%) of athletes who have made sacrifices have let go of romantic relationships for their dedication
– 29% of athletes who have made sacrifices think they have given up financial success for athletic excellence
– 51% have trained on their birthday and 40% have worked out on major holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving

Photo by: Oakley

For committed athletes, their sport is always on their mind
– Over 9 in 10 (91%) think about their sport at least once a day
– 21% say they would be 'completely lost' without their sport
– 15% simply 'don't feel like themselves' when they are not doing their sport

Photo by: Oakley

Many of us know the feelings associated with truly loving a sport – whether it be catching a wave, riding powder, riding single track – there’s nothing like the rush of shutting out the rest of the world and truly connecting to what brings passion to your life – and for many of us, there’s nothing we’ll let stand in the way of it.

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