Hey Facebookland! Can we use the power of the interwebs to find this couple? We were shooting in Banff, and they just…

Posted by Diane + Mike Photography on Sunday, January 17, 2016

On Sunday, Calgary photographers Diane Scaman and Mike Tan took to social media to solve a very unique problem.

On Dec. 30, the photographers caught one couple’s life-changing moment on camera: their engagement.

The photograph shows a man down on one knee and his girlfriend receiving his proposal in Banff National Park in Canada.

The two are on a secluded mountaintop, surrounded by nothing but snow-covered hills and two lawn chairs.

Unfortunately, Tan and Scaman didn’t get a chance to get the couple’s names, so they asked their friends and 1,800 social media followers to share the photograph in hopes of finding the lovebirds.

It took eight hours for Karla Bliss to be identified, along with her new fiancé, Stu Bilodeau.

Bliss said she was thrilled to have the moment on camera.

“OMG THIS IS ME!! My fiancé Stu Ritchie proposed to me on Dec. 30th and you happened to catch this moment,” she commented on Facebook. “So happy to have this picture!!!”

The photographers run Diane + Mike Photography and are used to taking romantic photos. They’re wedding photographers based in Calgary, Alberta.

Sounds like the new couple won’t have to search too hard for wedding photographers.

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