This week’s “How I Got the Shot” takes us to British Columbia’s Whistler backcountry, where photographer Mike Yoshida captures a moody image of his favorite volcanic peak.

Mount Fee; photo courtesy of Mike Yoshida

Mount Fee; photo courtesy of Mike Yoshida

Name: Mike Yoshida
Age: 30
Hometown: Homer, Alaska
Bio: I grew up loving photography, and have always been a really visual person. Picking up a camera was really exciting for me at a young age, and I guess I really just lucked out being in the right place at the right time. I’ve been shooting professionally for the past 10 years, and haven’t looked back since.
Where: Whistler, British Columbia
Why: This is my favorite peak in Whistler. It’s named Mount Fee, and it’s iconic because of its skinny spire that shoots into the sky.
What the image was shot with: Canon Mark 3. I believe I shot this with a shutter speed of a 500th of a second and an aperture at 8.0
Magazine affiliation: Associate photo editor of Snowboarder magazine
Sponsors: 686 Clothing, Dang Shades, Dinosaurs Will Die
Photographer’s website:
Webstagram: @mikeyoshida

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