This week's "How I Got the Shot" takes us to a backyard pump track sure to be on every Bike magazine reader's bucket list.

John Gibson

Bike magazine photographer John Gibson gets a bird's-eye view of Graham Agassiz, aka "Aggy", as he throws a tailwhip in some unexpected sunshine. Photo courtesy John Gibson

Name: John Gibson
Age: 41
Hometown: Bow Valley, Alberta
Bio: John Gibson has been shooting mountain biking for 20 years for a collection of editorial and industry clients. He is a senior photographer for Bike magazine and had his first photo published in that magazine in 1995.
Who: The rider is Graham Agassiz. Looking on is fellow mountain biker Dylan Sherrard.
Where: Taylor Hollstedt’s backyard in Kamloops, British Columbia
Why: This photo was taken during a photo mission shooting with Graham Agassiz ("Aggy") and the rest of the Kamloops mountain bike crew. Taylor Hollstedt (of the Bicycle Cafe in Kamloops) invited us over for a barbecue after a day of shooting, and Aggy started hitting Taylor’s backyard pump track while dinner was cooking. It started to rain, so I ran back inside to get my jacket and saw from the balcony that the best angle for the shot was up high, looking down. Aggy did a tailwhip just as the sun fired through a small break in the rainclouds.
What the image was shot with: Canon EOS 1D Mark IIN/15 mm f2.8 (1/1000 sec @ f4.0)
Magazine affiliation: Bike magazine
Sponsors/clients: Bike magazine, Red Bull, Oakley, Kona, F-stop Gear, NRG Enterprises, Freeride Entertainment, Transrockies, Maxxis, and The Bicycle Cafe
Photographer’s website:
Twitter: GibbyMTBPhoto

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