The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Photo: Courtesy of Klint Arnold/Twenty 20

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Photo: Courtesy of Klint Arnold/Twenty 20

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are still locked in a tight battle for opportunity to go up against one Donald Drumpf in the 2016 Presidential election. On June 1st Hillary released a six-point plan focused on the outdoors that should outdoor enthusiasts like ourselves should love if enacted.

The pillar of this plan would be the creation of the American Parks Trust Fund that would aim to “scale up and modernize how we protect and enhance our country's great outdoors,” as stated in the facts sheet released for the plan. With “our national parks, national forests, national seashores, wildlife refuges and other public lands host more than 407 million visits every year,” it’s a great thing that she sees this as a part of the American fabric.

The six bullet points of Clinton’s proposed plan are as follows:

– Set a goal of doubling the size of the outdoor economy within 10 years, creating millions of new jobs and up to $700 billion dollars in new annual economic activity;
– Celebrate the 100th anniversary of our country's national park system – America's "best idea" – by establishing an American Parks Trust Fund to scale up and modernize how we protect and enhance our country's great outdoors;
– Launch an initiative to restore and revitalize more than 3000 city parks within ten years;
– Make public lands an engine of our clean energy economy through a ten-fold increase in renewable energy production on public lands and waters within ten years;
– Expand access to public lands for hunting, fishing and recreation by making publicly accessible 50% of the public land that is currently inaccessible;
– Combat our national water challenges, including through a new Water Innovation Lab and a Western Water Partnership.

Two other vital parts of the plan are recognizing the outdoor economy, which she would like to double the size of in 10 years and create new jobs for, and using public lands as places to grow the clean energy economy. Substantiating the outdoor economy and making a commitment to it is a large step in itself.

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There’s really a ton of good information she’s laid out within the plan, and I recommend you go read it all here when you have some time, it’s a lot to digest but it’s all good stuff. Despite what this could all mean for our public lands, our parks, the environment and people who’s livelihoods thrive on the outdoors, the sad fact that not a single major national news outlet covered this incredible promise to the American by Clinton is pitiful.

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Hopefully, whoever is sitting in the White House after President Obama finishes his last term is this dedicated to nature — because the Earth could really use it right now.

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