On Wednesday, June 15 we had the privilege of hosting Hawaiian famed waterman Brian Keaulana at Surfer, The Bar at Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu for the latest in our Talk Story series. Keaulana is a lifeguarding pioneer who grew up on the beach at Makaha on the westside of Oahu. Keaulana learned the life of a waterman from his father Buffalo Keaulana, who is as big a Hawaiian legend as they get.

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Chatting with Rocky Canon, Keaulana gives some incredible insight into what it was like to grow up on Makaha back in the day and how you could live a fruitful life off the land and without money. Throughout the whole talk Keaulana shows what it’s like for the famed water patrol of the North Shore and why they truly are the world’s greatest lifeguards.

Brian Keaulana with Rocky Canon.

Brian Keaulana with Rocky Canon.

Around the 34-minute mark Keaulana talks about how the Eddie Aikau Invitational got running and what it means to him having grown up as close family friends with the Aikaus. Keaulana is part of that event’s water patrol and it’s one of the most important and serious things he continues to do.

The whole talk is worth a watch above, as hearing stories like this straight from a legend is truly priceless.

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