There’s no denying that the GoPro has forever changed the outdoors world, as well as the worlds of anything involving cameras. Production crews, news outlets, tourists, athletes and everyday people all around the world utilize the tiny high-definition cameras for everything imaginable.

But for all the advancement they offer, they can still break just like any camera. Now, GoPro is offering a program that replaces your camera for damage beyond the regular manufacturer’s warranty.

GoPro Care is a new policy available from GoPro within 60 days of purchase. It’s good for two years, goes beyond the regular one-year warranty for defects and covers your camera for any accidental damage whatsoever. Dropped it while rock climbing? Free rapid camera replacement.

Available for purchase from $39.99 to $99.99 (depending on which model you have), GoPro Care is another argument in GoPro’s favor for being the most versatile camera there is.

GoPro Care

GoPro’s latest offering, GoPro Care. Photo: Courtesy of GoPro

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