If 2017 has left you feeling burnt out, and you’re looking for a way to revitalize yourself, consider volunteering. Not only is at an altruistic way to make yourself feel better about your impact in the world, but if you volunteer in outdoor spaces and organizations, it benefits the very wild places you love.

We've gathered a list of organizations, non-profits and grassroots movements meant to inspire, rejuvenate, and hopefully, get you out and giving back to the outdoor community before the new year … It’s time to get a jump on those New Year’s resolutions anyway.

Parley for the Oceans

This organization, founded by creatives, artists, and leaders with a shared passion for the ocean and the life it holds within it. Parley for the Oceans holds talks, events, and works on projects to reduce, and eventually remove, all plastic from the ocean.

You can sign up for Parley’s newsletter, and also take their pledge, which vows to address and tackle the global threat of ocean plastic pollution.

National Park Service Volunteer Program

Our national parks need you now, more than ever. With budget cuts, scaling back of monuments, and overcrowding of popular parks, our public lands could use a helping hand.

Here’s where you can start your volunteering research – with vacation days ahead of you in the next few weeks, we think you’ll have plenty of time to figure out the best way to give back.

Protect Our Winters (POW)

Protect Our Winters is focused on just that: helping fight global warming and climate change however possible. The organization’s website makes it easy, too. It lays out the steps needed to become an activist in a clear, concise way in what they call the “Activist’s Roadmap”.

If you’re strapped for time but still want to make a difference, you can put your money where your mouth is, and donate to POW.

Rob Machado Foundation

Working to provide environmental education as well as sustainability solutions, the Rob Machado Foundation works to provide clean water-filling stations at schools and public spaces, starting in Southern California and extending their reach.

If you’d like to be a part of the cause, you can donate, sign up for the non-profit’s “Green Team,” or become a partner.

Waves for Water

Waves for Water has a simple, but powerful mission: get clean water to every person that needs it. As part of that mission, the organization has a variety of programs designed to bring that mission to life, with efforts that range from disaster relief to health initiatives, and everything in between.

Here’s where you can sign up to join the cause.

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