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What we have here is the rarity of two women in one kayak completing the first women's tandem first descent of Celestial Falls, a 45-foot drop located outside White, Oregon.

Nicole Mansfield and Katrina Van Wijk are part of a group that promotes women pushing themselves and breaking limits in adventure sports, and what better way to do so than doing a rare tandem over an iconic waterfall?

TiTS DEEP, the group promoted by these women, is described on its Facebook page as “Ladies who are charging in Extreme Sports. These chicks are considered Tits Deep. We are real, powerful, and bring the most substantial amount of style, and ease into everything we do.”

Mansfield of White Salmon, Washington, and Van Wijk of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, certainly fit the mold with their tandem descent.

Mansfield was in the front; Van Wijk was in the back. Were they nervous?

"Yeah, I was nervous and excited," Mansfield told Canoe & Kayak online editor Charli Kerns, whose post includes a Q&A with the kayakers.

"Definitely nervous," Van Wijk said. "It was such a foreign thing, but it was worth it! I had the best buddy to fly off a waterfall with."

The accomplishment definitely hit its mark.

"What’s cool about this is the camaraderie and communication these two women needed to have to get on the water and down the falls," Kerns said. "I just ran my first female tandem canoe in a race last week, and there’s nothing like it to bond you to another boater. That two women bonded that way over a major falls like Celestial is just awesome."


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Photos by Erin Galey courtesy of Canoe & Kayak