Recently we covered 23-year-old Russian Angela Nikolau as she climbed the world's highest construction site in China.

This was the latest stunt which has seen her gather a serious following on Instagram as she posts a series of stomach-churning selfies and videos on top of some of the world’s highest buildings.

“The first time I scaled a roof was in the eighth grade,” Nikolau tells GrindTV. “It was a beautiful building with the height of around 100 meters. I was hooked from then really.”

The perilous craze for taking selfies on the edge of buildings is known as “roofing” and Nikolau, who is often accompanied by her boyfriend, has done some incredible stunts, all with no harness (and sometimes in high heels).

“I’ve never done formal climbing, but I would like to try,” she says. “Normally I do everything slowly and carefully, thinking over each and every step and because of that so far all my climbs have been free of any falls or injuries.”

Currently studying art in Moscow, she also exhibits her own paintings, her social media following has led to more commercial opportunities.

“I’ve more recently been working with many famous brands and I’ll advertise their products during my shoots and put photos on Instagram,” she continues.

The preparation varies for the stunts, some taking months to plan, others more spur of the moment. “Sometimes the idea of the photo is born only when I get onto the roof,” she says, “but often the idea comes to my mind when I’m at ground level. I’ll write it down and then try to make it happen.”

Of course climbing without ropes to incredible heights is not the safest of activities and tends to be frowned upon by both the authorities and the owners of the buildings. So far though, Nikolau has managed to avoid any arrests.

“The police have caught me on the roof a few times,” she admits, “but they are always a bit more lenient with a girl. More often than not they let me go without a penalty.”

For now though she is concentrating on her art studies and her next big climb and aiming to combine her two passions.

“Soon I am going to organize a charity exhibition of my paintings on the roof of a skyscraper,” she says excitedly. “The goal is to have a load of visitors and all the money raised would help ill kids. This is my biggest dream.”

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