Bicycle art

Bicycle art of the Forbidden City by Thomas Yang. Photo courtesy of

A man in Singapore has combined his passions for cycling and art to produce unique, limited-edition bicycle art of iconic landmarks from around the world. His paintbrush? Bicycle tires.

Thomas Yang, a creative director, has masterfully created images of the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, the Tower Bridge, and China's Forbidden City by painstakingly dipping bike tires in black paint and rolling them across a canvas.

Thomas Yang

Thomas Yang combined his passions to create art. Photo courtesy of

The result of the strategically placed tire tracks is astonishing.

"A collection of art prints that not only feature but is also driven by the passion for cycling," says Yang's "100copies" website in describing his bicycle art. "As with cycling, speed is of the essence, so each piece of work is limited to 100 copies only."

Yang told GrindTV that the idea came while he was toying with ways of how he could paint with a bicycle.

"Tire tracks was the first thing in mind [sic]," Yang said. "Then I went further to explore the characteristics on each of the tire patterns and realized that I could possibly paint some building structures.

"The process was very difficult. I started choosing the landmarks that I wanted to paint. The landmarks represented got to be popular with their cycling culture in that city and therefore the rationale."

He used the tires from his own bike and those from neighbors as well as finding and buying tires with unique patterns online.

Bicycle art Forbidden City

The Forbidden City, by Thomas Yang. Photo courtesy of

Bicycle art of the Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, by Thomas Yang. Photo courtesy of

"The process is a pain, actually," he admitted. "Each of the landmarks were made with at least 40 trials to give you the best end result.

"The washing and restarting a brand new piece is very tedious."

Bicycle art

Process of making bicycle art. Photo courtesy of

The response to his bicycle art has been overwhelming.

His first creation, "The Cyclist's Empire" (the Empire State Building), was offered for sale in March and sold out in four days. The other three designs—"God Save the Bike" (Tower Bridge), "Bicycle Mon Amour" (Eiffel Tower) and "The Unforbidden Cyclist" (the Forbidden City)—all sold out within a week.

Bicycle art of the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower, by Thomas Yang. Photo courtesy of

Yang has launched a second tire tracks edition series whereby all four prints will be available in a set, thereby differentiating them from the first edition.

Bicycle art using tire tracks? What could possibly be next?

Bicycle art of the Empire State Building

Empire State Building, by Thomas Yang. Photo courtesy of

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