2015 has come and gone, and now that you’ve decided your New Year’s resolution, you’ve woken up motivated and energized to take 2016 head on!

Just kidding, you most likely woke up in a personal hell this morning from those … Christ, what was it six (seven?) whiskeys you had last night.

All those positive vibes and hopes you cultivated for the upcoming 365 days have gone out the window, replaced with a pounding headache and a hankering for greasy food to soak up all the bad decisions floating around in your stomach.

But fear not, New Year’s Day isn’t about starting off your year on a high note, it’s about spending some quality time on your couch, forming an intimate relationship with your tv/laptop, and testing the limits of how much Advil you can safely down in a 24-hour period.

So sit back, relax and enjoy GrindTV’s list of the best video releases to enjoy on National Hangover Day.

Bike: ‘Darklight’

Shot over three weeks of filming in Utah and Oregon, Darklight is something of a fever dream for mountain biking fans.

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It follows the British Columbian trio of Matty Miles, Graham Agassiz and Matt Hunter as they bomb down some of the best mountain biking lines in North America in the middle of the night, illuminated by countless colorful lights to create one of the most unique and meticulously crafter bike films of all time.

Snowboarding: ‘Origins’

Just like where you’re from affects how you speak, so too does your geographic background shape the how you snowboard. And that’s exactly what Origins from the fine folks over at TRANSWORLD SNOWBOARDING tried to examine.

Filmed with five groups of world-class snowboarders across the globe to five locations — Mammoth, Whistler, France, Japan and Quebec — the film shows how the mountains snowboarder grew up on shape their snowboarding styles.

With appearances by Kimmy Fasani and Eric Jackson, among others, the film is an introspective look into what influences snowboarding and how small trends that start in certain locales can transform the entire global culture of a sport.

Skiing: ‘The Great Siberian Traverse’

While most ski films attempt to wedge some sort of half-baked plot line into a splattering of clips of skiers tearing it up, The Great Siberian Traverse by the team at POWDER is the complete opposite.

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A bonafide story of adventure, The Great Siberian Traverse goes on a trip through the expanses of Siberia with Nick Martini, Ingrid Backstrom and Callumm Petit in search of rarely seen pillowy lines. Along the way, they experience a whole new side of Russia and discover the origins of skiing.

Skateboarding: ‘We are Blood’

More than the pursuit of landing tricks, "We are Blood" celebrates the skateboarding community.

More than the pursuit of landing tricks, ‘We are Blood’ celebrates the skateboarding community.

What do you get when you take skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, give him a top-notch camera crew from Brain Farm, and the massive backing of Mountain Dew?

We are Blood, an international skateboarding epic that looks to showcase the communal bonds that brings skateboarders together, regardless of background.

Shot in stunning 4K video across everywhere from Brazil to Dubai, the film is a global tribute to a sport that is more popular today than ever before.

Surfing: ‘View From a Blue Moon’

Leave it to John Florence to completely change what is expected of surf movies as a 23-year-old.

Florence took three years to film what might be the most cinematically arresting surf film in history, capturing his transition from childhood to teenage phenom to one of the top surfers in the world.

But beyond the story and beautiful imagery, View From a Blue Moon also features incredible surfing, with the always stylish Florence showing off everything from masterful tube riding to the biggest aerials of his life.

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