“I’m one lucky photographer to find myself still shooting at Alta,” photographer and long time Powder magazine contributor Lee Cohen recently told GrindTV. One of the oldest ski resorts in the country, Alta is situated in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. “I’ve been here since the 1980s. It’s kind of mind boggling when I look at it as a span touching four decades,” he continued. “Please tell me I'm not that old?!”

A skiers only paradise (you heard it, they don’t allow snowboarding) Alta is also widely respected as one of the most challenging in-bounds ski areas in the world. Sitting at a very high altitude, the mountain’s average snowfall (in the neighborhood of 500 inches) makes it a boon to both powder hounds and, well, photographers.

“Skiing powder is what brought me here, and skiing powder is still a huge part of my life, but as anyone who’s stuck around the same place for many years will tell you, it's the people you meet, and the course of human events, that make someplace really special—there is no place more special to its constituents than Alta,” says Cohen.

Cohen shared a gallery of favorite images featuring, what else? His special place: Alta.

See more of Lee Cohen’s photography here.

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