Every June, the motorcycle, surf, skate, art and music communities come together in Biarritz, France and Northern Spain to put on the annual Wheels and Waves gathering.

Formidable female motocross rider Edie Ashley says that the Wheels and Waves focus is “about the spirit of riding. It definitely plays on the subculture side of things. There’s a lot of attention to style.”

That goes for every event in the Wheels and Waves realm, which includes motocross races, road races in the Pyrenees mountains and single-fin surf contests in Biarritz.

Wheels and Waves

Steve Caballero putting down a handplant at last year’s Wheels and Waves.

People come from around the world to participate in the festival, including skateboarding legend Steve Caballero. Caballero was instrumental in making sure that the rooted art and culture movement that goes alongside skateboarding was never lost throughout the sport’s progression.

In regard to Wheels and Waves, Caballero said, “With skateboarding, motorcycling and surfing there are a lot of different paths you can take. It’s dangerous but it allows you to be free and creative. Same with art and music. It is really cool connecting with like-minded people, and that’s why being here is so special. It’s a bunch of people that share the same passion.”

We went to Wheels and Waves to see why so many flock to this event, and we were not disappointed. Watch what went down this year, and maybe plan your trip to Biarritz next June.

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