Dean Potter's dog, Whisper, regularly joins him on big wall climbs and wingsuit jumps; Photo courtesy of Potter

Dean Potter’s dog, Whisper, regularly joins him on big wall climbs and wingsuit jumps. Photo: Courtesy of Potter

Dogs were practically bred to join us in every adventure, but these double-tap-friendly canines prove especially up to the task. And yes, we realize dogs (sadly) can't type out their own hashtags—good thing their owners are just as much fun to follow. Here, the adventurer/canine duos who put our own adventures to shame on Instagram.

Max and Alison Turner, @alisontravels

Max may not look like the ultimate adventure dog, but don't judge him by his small size and wiry frame. A week after traveler Alison Turner rescued him from a shelter six years ago, they hit the road; the duo lived in a tent for two years before moving into their camper van. Since then, he's had free run of some of the country's most beautiful terrain (and all the best dog beaches, of course).

Maddie and Theron Humphrey, @ThisWildIdea

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Life is pretty sweet from Maddie's point of view. Whether sleepily gazing out of a pop-up camper on a beach in Mexico, wading into an icy lake in Glacier National Park, or snuggled into her own sleeping bag in the desert, Maddie is always a most willing adventure buddy for her photographer dad.

Oliver and Brooke Gaynes, @brookegaynes

We'd say avid skier, mountain biker, and climber Brooke Gaynes is the one taking her border collie, Oliver, for trail runs in the Salt Lake City area, but we have a feeling it's the other way around. With his boundless energy and a squeaky clean bandana, Ollie is like the ultimate personal trainer—only way, way cuter.

Whisper and Dean Potter, @deanpotter

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Sure, rock climber and BASE jumper Dean Potter has pushed the limits of human potential, but his dog, Whisper, is doing the same for his own species by accompanying Potter on big wall climbs and wingsuit jumps. Whisper was even named Climbing's "Best Climber Dog on Instagram."

Luna and Morgan Lee Alain, @morganleealian

Hey, Disney: Need inspiration for a new female heroine? We nominate photographer and explorer Morgan Lee Alain and her trusty sidekick, Luna. The duo is fairytale material, documenting their jaunts to some of the world's most otherworldly landscapes through Instagram.

Nelson the Goldendoodle, @nelsonthegoldendoodle

Boasting a legion of followers that outnumbers those of most human Instagrammers, Nelson the Goldendoodle is bona fide celebrity, especially in the downtown Dallas area. He's a regular around town, usually riding shotgun in the sidecar of a Vespa scooter in his signature goggles.

Yoda and Cindi Lou Grant, @cindilougrant

When splitboarder Cindi Lou Grant heads to the mountains on the hunt for pow, she doesn't leave her dog behind. While her husband is her professional backcountry partner, it's Yoda who's always got her back.

Cajun and Steph Davis, @highsteph

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When your owner is the famous BASE jumper and rock climber Steph Davis, you're bound to have some good adventures. The perpetually stoked pup Cajun has already clocked more time in the canyons (and on the yoga mat) than we have. She regularly accompanies Davis to her jump point and then clocks a mean 12-minute run back down to greet her at the car.

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