Well, there you have it. Another year of never-ending contributions to the bottomless well of photos and videos that make up what is our beloved Instagram.

Whether you love it or hate it, social media has become somewhat of an integral part of our everyday lives. The platform serves as a conduit for some of the best, worst, funniest, gnarliest, most diverse content from all over the world, with its proliferation fueled by … us.

While we don’t know the trajectory of social media and its involvement in our everyday lives, we do know what was trending from our page during 2017. Here are your top 10 performers from @GrindTV‘s Instagram in the last year.

10.The Cross-Canada voyageur

Mike Ranta and his trusty canine companion, Spitzii, mid-journey across the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

9. It got a little sharky this year

No shortage of shark photos on the ‘gram, but this one takes the cake from our page this year.

8. Everyone loves fruity pebbles

Hello, fall. We welcome you. 🍃🍂Photo: @ryanresatka

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Ah, the changing of seasons.

7. Felipe Nunes absolutely crushes in Tampa, Florida

One of the most memorable performances at the Tampa Am skate competition got some well-deserved attention.

6. Ride of the morning in Sri Lanka

Skim to surf FTW.

5. Fueled by travel

For the record … Anyone know how this plane got here?

4. Those outdoor vibes

Brainstorming for 2018 Halloween costumes has commenced.

3. Gone with the wind

Cruising into the weekend like… 🌬W/ @evan_netsch

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And … He lands it!

2. Skim skills on point

Austin Keen knows a thing or two about taking skimming to another level.

1. Hitchhiker madness

Brent Bielmann catches this guy ridin’ dirty in Cabo.