Women's Fitness

Working out in the winter might seem like a pursuit only for those who like pain (as anyone who has run in snowy conditions can attest to) but there’s something to be said for pushing yourself when even the elements aren’t on your side. We’ve collected the fitness gear that’s going to keep you warmed up and ready for action, no matter what adventure you’re getting into.

lululemon Morning Miles Long Sleeve ($88)

Why We Chose It: For a layer that’s a little warmer (but still moisture wicking) to wear during those brisk early morning or nighttime runs, go with the Morning Miles Long Sleeve.

Why We Liked It: Turtlenecks aren’t everyone’s favorite cup of tea, but lululemon’s version might end up swaying your mind like it did ours. The extra fabric on the neck is just enough to keep you warm, but isn’t enough to make you feel suffocated on longer runs, or look goofy while wearing it. It’s breathable, light, and is extremely flattering on all types of bodies.

Tester Tip: This shirt is one we’ve worn running, hiking, at home lounging, and going out for a drink with friends. Sounds strange, maybe even impossible, but this was one of the most diverse pieces in our winter workout arsenal.

Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Insulated Jacket ($199)

Why We Chose It: We were in need of a jacket with a little more breathability than the standard Nano Puff for the few and far-between winter days that temperatures climb above ‘frigid’, and our more active pursuits.

Why We Liked It: Moving fast and light while keeping warm is the name of the game with this jacket. At only 10oz, we would consider this hybrid to be an ultralight piece. It’s extremely compressible and breathable on the sides, kept us dry and comfortable during active endeavors/pursuits and didn’t lose too much heat to the wind.

Tester Tip: For those with poor circulation, this jacket is complimented by hand warmer pockets to keep your fingers toasty.

Salomon Agile 2 Set Hydration Pack ($80)

Why We Chose It: In search for a hydration pack that allows you to haul water with ultimate agility, we found the Agile 2 SET hydration pack.

Why We Liked It: This pack is designed to move as you do during activity, and it does exactly that. Whether we were skiing, running, or biking, this hydration pack has a unique strap system that helped it remain snug to our bodies while on longer excursions.

Tester Tip: Though this pack is suggested for men, don’t be deterred, ladies. This pack will work just fine for both sexes and a wide array of body types.

The North Face Venture 2 Half Zip ($80)

Why We Chose It: Because there’s nothing worse than sopping wet clothing on a long hike.

Why We Liked It: For those looking for a hiking pant to reliably keep you dry, look no further. The Venture 2 Half Zip are 100% waterproof, and keep out the water (and wind) like no other without hindering your movement, or making you feel like you’re wearing a plastic bag.

Tester Tip: A looser, more wide-leg fit means these pants are perfect for layering over warmer clothing.

The North Face Warm Me Up Tights ($80)

Why We Chose It: We were on the hunt for a quality, durable, full-leg legging that offered some warmth for cooler day outdoor pursuits.

Why We Liked It: These pants are incredibly good a wicking moisture, and regulating body temperature for chilly morning runs. The high waist fits like a glove, and is complimented by a coil zip pocket on the center back waistband. They’re comfortable, maintain their shape, and bonus – extremely flattering.

Tester Tip: These tights fit a longer leg, so those with shorter stems, keep in mind you might have some extra material at the ankle.

Vuori Seaside Sleeveless Hoodie ($54)

Why We Chose It: For that easy-to-wear, easy-to-throw-on top that you can both lounge in and work out in.

Why We Liked It: This baselayer is comfortable, breathable, and great both on its own or thrown over a light long sleeve shirt for those chillier fall evenings. The Seaside Sleeveless Hoodie transitions from yoga studio to morning run seamlessly, making it a staple in our winter wardrobe.

Tester Tip: Be warned: The material is so soft (AND stretches without losing shape) that you aren’t going to want to take it off.

lululemon Run Fast Gloves II ($36)

Why We Chose It: Poor circulation in our hands and the desire for a hybrid between a mitten and a glove had us looking for a running glove that could do it all.

Why We Liked It: Not only did these gloves do the trick at keeping our fingers toasty, they did so without compromising dexterity like thicker gloves have the tendency to do. The top fold allows extra warmth when you need it, and the material is soft enough to wipe your cold, runny nose without irritation. (Runners, you know the struggle.)

Tester Tip: When not in use, snap these gloves together to avoid having a runaway. Nothing is worse than having half a pair of gloves.